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    Artist's   Statement





  Jeanette M. Carson



My husband, Steve, and I reside on a wooded acreage north of  Williamsburg, Iowa. A renewed interest in art was sparked when the timing seemed right -
both retirement from an Information Technology career and our grown up family - one daughter and two sons.

 Continual experimentation (acrylics, charcoal, alcohol inks, and graphite) led to trying the irresistible fluidity and spontaneous ‘dance’ with watercolor.  Tapping into the unusual and sensitive nature of subjects, I seek out their hidden moods, feelings, and emotions. My techniques often add a twist of the unusual with an occasional nod to the unexpected.​

 Fortunately, I have been able to combine my interests in both art and technology with positions in the
Iowa Watercolor Society (IWS) as Exhibition Chair and Website  Manager. My painting, Free Spirit,
exhibited as part of the IWS Exhibition Traveling Show. 

Some of my earliest artistic influences were from drawings & paintings by my cousin, artist Joann Maycock.
My main creative and watercolor influence stems from association with artist and instructor Jo Myers-Walker. Jo's experimental techniques with varied medias and innovate ideas have influenced many artists. She continues to pursue her varied talents, including 'dances' with watercolor in a loose and fluid style. 
Jo's blog and gallery is The Virtual Left Bank Studio.
The Collective Gallery, in scenic Elkader, IA. -  Artists and small business groups associated with THE COLLECTIVE work together,  positively impact each other and the community.     


Octagon Center For The Arts encompasses art gallery, shop, arts festival,  free events, classes, workshops, and art camps.
Over 175 local and regional artists are represented in the Octagon Shop. 9,000 individuals engaged in art and community through the 2019 Octagon
 Art Festival and other free Octagon events.  Over 600  adults and children were reached through Octagon classes, workshops, & art camps in the last year.
About 482 emerging and established artists were able to exhibit & offer their work for sale through the Octagon Shop, Octagon Festival, & galleries last year.

View more art from Jeanette M. Carson and Iowa City Watercolorist,  Jo Myers-Walker, by visiting these organizations either in person or via website.    

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